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    How my first ever video went Viral. | BEHIND THE VIDEO with 'How to DAD'

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    How my first ever video went Viral | BEHIND THE VIDEO with 'How to DAD'

    Are you today it's how to dad here and this is the story on how my first ever video went viral. First, you're gonna need a baby baby. A lot of people always ask how it all started off for me, and to be honest, my first ever thing I made went viral. This is why or how. Back in 2015, I got this thing because I'm trying to be fancy like the other cool directors that do scene breakdowns on YouTube. You know, that's meant to be this. I mean you're way back. In 2015, I didn't have a YouTube channel. I, well, like everyone else, I had a YouTube channel just so I could subscribe to other people. I wasn't making videos, I wasn't making content. It was on a weekend, it was a Sunday. I'm at home, my wife's at home. I got a kid and I got a baby. It was a casual Sunday, there I am in my casual Sunday attire which has now become quite famous for 'how to DAD', the green bush shirt and the blue shorts. Or here in New Zealand, we call them stubbies.

    My wife went out and took the middle kid, leaving me at home to look after the baby. After a few minutes, like a lot of dads, I got the idea to make a video that my friend with a baby on the way would find funny. So, I grabbed the camera, set it up in our living room, and started filming "how to hold a baby", showcasing different baby-holding techniques in a humorous way. I posted the video on YouTube and shared it with my friend on Facebook, never expecting what would happen next. The video went viral, attracting media attention and millions of views. This unexpected success led to more opportunities and recognition for me as 'how to DAD', showing that viral videos can't always be planned.


    Viral video, 'how to DAD', YouTube, Baby-holding techniques, Humorous video, Media attention


    1. How did 'how to DAD' start and gain popularity?
    2. What was the inspiration behind the viral video "how to hold a baby"?
    3. How did the unexpected success of the video impact 'how to DAD's' future content creation?

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