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    How the TikTok Algorithm *actually* Works in 2024

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    How the TikTok Algorithm actually Works in 2024

    In this article, we will dive deep into the workings of the TikTok algorithm in 2024 and uncover its secrets. Understanding how the algorithm operates can help you become an expert and potentially make your videos go viral. As someone with 2.7 million followers on TikTok, I believe I qualify to be your mentor in this subject. So, let's break down the algorithm into its components and explore how each action can either boost or hinder your video's performance.

    The Point System

    The algorithm operates on a point system that measures specific actions towards your videos. These actions can either enhance the visibility of your videos or cause them to fade into obscurity. It is crucial to accumulate positive points while minimizing negative ones to increase your chances of going viral. Let's start by discussing the negative actions first:

    Negative Actions

    1. Reports: Having your video reported is the most damaging action. It not only harms your video's performance but can also negatively impact your account. Ensure your content is not reportable to avoid this.
    2. "Not Interested" Button: When viewers click on the "Not Interested" button, it signals to the algorithm that your video is not worth watching. This can restrict your video's promotion to a specific audience or diminish its reach.
    3. Leaving the App: If viewers immediately leave the app after watching your video, it does not bode well for the algorithm. TikTok thrives on keeping users engaged within the app, so directing them away limits its revenue potential and may downgrade your video's visibility.
    4. Scrolling: If viewers scroll past your video after only glimpsing your hook or intro, it indicates a lack of interest. Crafting compelling hooks becomes crucial to ensure viewers stay engaged, and you can find useful hook ideas in the free resource provided in the description.

    Now, let's explore the positive actions that can propel your videos towards viral success.

    Positive Actions

    1. Watch Time: Watch time holds significant weight in determining your video's success. For shorter videos, aim for a high watch time percentage, preferably above 100% or close to it. For longer videos, achieving 60-70% watch time can still yield impressive results. Experiment with different video lengths and optimize your content accordingly.
    2. Follows: When viewers follow you after watching your video, it represents a strong positive signal to the algorithm. It indicates that they appreciate your content and opens doors for further promotion to similar viewers.
    3. Profile Visits: Profile visits serve as a conversion metric that can turn viewers into followers. Your profile acts as a hub for your content, allowing viewers to explore more of what you offer. It's essential to encourage and provide incentives for viewers to visit your profile.
    4. Shares: While sharing might seem mundane, it remains an influential action. Encourage viewers to share your videos to expand your reach organically.
    5. Comments and Saves: Engaging with your audience through comments not only builds trust but also signals positive interaction to the algorithm. Likewise, saving your videos indicates interest and can contribute to better visibility.
    6. Likes: While likes are valuable, explicitly requesting them from your audience is unnecessary. Focus on other actions like watch time and profile visits that have a more significant impact.

    Algorithm Chain: Virality Unveiled

    Now, let's explore the concept of the algorithm chain, which reveals how TikTok videos go viral. The algorithm chain provides insights into how the algorithm works as a whole. Here's how it unfolds:

    1. Your video is uploaded and initially promoted to a specific target audience based on your video's keywords and content.
    2. The audience interacts with your video, exhibiting positive or negative actions.
    3. Based on these interactions, the algorithm breaks the audience into two groups: those with positive reactions and those with negative reactions.
    4. The algorithm expands the target audience for the positively-reacting group, searching for similar viewers to promote your video.
    5. For the negatively-reacting group, the algorithm shrinks the target audience, ensuring the video is not shown to disinterested viewers.
    6. The process repeats as the algorithm tests new audiences, gradually eliminating those with negative reactions.
    7. Once a large group of positively-reacting viewers is established, your video's reach becomes virtually unlimited.

    It's important to note that not all videos will achieve unlimited views, as factors like video edit quality, audience match, and viewer interest come into play. Analyzing the TikTok analytics data will help you identify areas for improvement and optimize your content accordingly.


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    Q1: How can I ensure my videos go viral on TikTok? To increase your chances of going viral, focus on optimizing two key components: watch time and profile visits. Craft engaging content that keeps viewers hooked and entices them to visit your profile for more. This depth of engagement builds a loyal fan base and can lead to monetization opportunities.

    Q2: Do negative actions, such as reports and leaving the app, seriously impact my video's performance? Yes, negative actions can significantly hinder your video's performance. Reports can harm both your video and your account, while viewers leaving the app immediately after watching indicates disinterest. Avoid encouraging actions that lead viewers away from TikTok and strive to create compelling content that keeps them within the app.

    Q3: How can I leverage the algorithm to grow my TikTok following? By focusing on actions that generate positive points, such as increasing watch time and profile visits, you can foster a dedicated audience. Create content that drives viewers to explore your profile further, watch playlists, and engage with your videos. Building depth in your content will attract true fans who are more likely to follow you and support your products or services.

    Q4: What can I do if my video stops gaining views even after an initial surge of popularity? If your video struggles to maintain its momentum and stalls after an initial surge, it may be beneficial to evaluate its edit quality or audience match. Analyze the TikTok analytics data to gather insights on viewer behavior and preferences. Making necessary adjustments to your content can help reignite its potential for virality.

    Q5: Are likes essential for video visibility on TikTok? While likes can contribute to a video's visibility, they are not the sole determining factor for success. Focusing on actions with more substantial impact, such as watch time and profile visits, will likely yield greater benefits. Encourage viewer engagement through comments and shares, as these actions indicate higher levels of interest.

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