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    How the World Cup’s AI instant replay works

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    How the World Cup’s AI instant replay works

    In the 1986 World Cup match between Argentina and England, Diego Maradona made a controversial goal known as the "Hand of God." This moment underscored the limitations of referees relying on subjective perspectives and limited perspectives to make calls. Fast forward to the present, the use of technology, such as VAR (video-assisted referees) and semi-automated AI offside technology, has revolutionized the way referees make decisions in soccer matches. The introduction of AI technology aims to provide more objective and accurate calls by utilizing sensors in the ball, motion cameras mounted in stadiums, and machine learning to triangulate players' positions. This article explores the evolution of instant replay technology in soccer and its impact on refereeing decisions at the World Cup.


    World Cup, AI, instant replay, referees, VAR, offside technology, sensors, motion cameras, machine learning


    1. How has technology changed refereeing decisions in soccer matches?
    2. What was the significance of Diego Maradona's controversial goal in the 1986 World Cup?
    3. What is VAR, and how does it enhance the accuracy of refereeing decisions?
    4. How does semi-automated AI offside technology work in soccer matches?
    5. What are the advantages and limitations of using AI technology in soccer refereeing?

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