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    How the rich get richer - Money in the world economy | DW Documentary

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    How the rich get richer - Money in the world economy | DW Documentary

    Summary: This documentary explores the current state of the world economy, focusing on the Deluge of money and its impact on society. It highlights the increasing concentration of wealth in the hands of the rich and the growing gap between the rich and the poor. The documentary also delves into the process of money creation in private banks and the dangers of excessive lending and debt. It further discusses the need for regulation and reform in the financial sector to create a fairer system that benefits society as a whole.


    • Money
    • Wealth inequality
    • Deluge of money
    • Low interest rates
    • Money creation
    • Private banks
    • Financial regulation


    1. What is the Deluge of money mentioned in the documentary? The Deluge of money refers to the excessive influx of money into the world economy driven by central banks pumping trillions of dollars and euros. This flood of cheap money has led to unprecedented levels of wealth and concentration of assets at the top, exacerbating wealth inequality.

    2. Why are interest rates so low and how does it affect savers? Interest rates have been lowered by central banks to stimulate economic growth. While low interest rates incentivize borrowing and investment, they have negatively affected savers. Savers struggle to earn any substantial interest on their savings, resulting in the loss of billions of dollars annually.

    3. Who benefits from the Deluge of money? The Deluge of money primarily benefits the wealthy, who can easily access cheap loans to buy shares, invest in real estate, and make large-scale financial transactions. The rich become richer through these investments, while ordinary savers and the middle class suffer from low interest rates and devaluation of their assets.

    4. How do private banks create money? Private banks have the power to create money through the process of deposit money creation. When a customer takes out a loan, the bank creates new money by issuing funds in their account without having the physical cash or reserves to back it up. This ability to create money out of nothing is a significant privilege held by private banks.

    5. What are the implications of the Deluge of money and the current financial system? The Deluge of money and the unchecked financial system have serious consequences, including wealth concentration, exacerbation of wealth inequality, and increased levels of debt. The system heavily favors the rich and perpetuates an unjust redistribution of wealth. There is a need for regulation, reforms, and debt resolution to create a fairer financial system that benefits society as a whole.

    6. What can be done to address the issues raised in the documentary? The documentary suggests several measures to tackle the problems associated with the Deluge of money and the financial system. These include reducing massive debts, increasing regulations on the banking sector, implementing a global tax on financial transactions, and redirecting money to areas that benefit society. Additionally, there is a need for international collaboration and debt conferences to find solutions and achieve a more sustainable and equitable economic model.

    Please note that the above FAQ questions and answers are generated summaries and may not fully capture the nuances and details of the documentary. For accurate information and a comprehensive understanding, it is recommended to watch the full documentary.

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