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    How to Add Music to TikTok | 3 Easy Ways!

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    How to Add Music to TikTok | 3 Easy Ways!

    Hi guys, I'm Lauren, and in this article, I'll be showing you three simple methods to add music to your TikTok videos. Whether you want to use TikTok's library, add your own music, or include copyright-free music using Veed, I've got you covered. Let's dive in!

    To begin with, we'll look at how to add music from TikTok's library within the app. Simply follow these steps:

    1. Open TikTok and tap the plus sign to create a new video.
    2. Click on "Add Sound" at the top, search for a song, select it, and press the tick.
    3. Use the scissors icon to choose a specific portion of the song for your video.
    4. Record your video or upload one from your camera roll, add captions and hashtags, then post it.

    Next, I'll guide you through adding your own music to TikTok:

    1. Prepare a video with the music you want to use.
    2. Open TikTok, upload the video, add captions and hashtags, and post it.
    3. Go to your TikTok profile, click on the CD icon with your picture, name your track, and save it publicly for others to use.

    Lastly, I'll demonstrate how to add copyright-free music to TikTok using Veed:

    1. Click the provided link in the description to access Veed.
    2. Upload your video, browse the stock audio library in Veed, select a suitable track, and add it to your video timeline.
    3. Trim the music to fit your video, mute the original video's audio, export the video, and download the final version.

    I hope these methods help you enhance your TikTok content with awesome music. Happy creating!


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    1. Can I add my own music to TikTok videos?

      • Yes, you can add your own music to TikTok videos by preparing a video with the desired music and uploading it while creating your TikTok post.
    2. Where can I find copyright-free music for TikTok?

      • You can find copyright-free music for TikTok in platforms like Veed, which offer stock audio libraries for users to access and add to their videos.
    3. How can I trim music in TikTok videos?

      • In TikTok, you can trim music by using the scissors icon next to the selected song, allowing you to adjust the portion of the track you want to use in your video.

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