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    How to Add a Youtube Subscribe Button Watermark to Your Videos

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    How to Add a Youtube Subscribe Button Watermark to Your Videos

    In this article, you will learn how to add a clickable subscribe button to your YouTube videos, making it easier for viewers to subscribe to your channel. This feature is especially valuable on mobile devices, where viewers can simply tap on the button to subscribe. Many content creators overlook this simple yet effective way to boost subscriber numbers, so let's dive into the steps to set it up.

    To start, open the YouTube Studio app and navigate to the customization tab. From there, go to branding and locate the video watermark section. You can upload an image, ideally a square one measuring 150 by 150 pixels, although slightly larger dimensions may also work. Ensure the image is in PNG, GIF, or JPEG format and is less than one megabyte in size. Set the display time for the watermark—either at the end of the video, a specific time mark, or throughout the entire video. Once set, click publish to apply the changes.

    Don't forget to choose an image for the subscribe button watermark. You can design your own using tools like Canva or find a suitable image online. Once uploaded, adjust the display time and size as desired before hitting done and then publish to complete the process.

    Having a clickable subscribe button on your videos can significantly increase your subscriber count, making it a highly beneficial feature to utilize on your YouTube channel.


    • YouTube subscribe button watermark
    • Clickable subscribe button
    • YouTube Studio app
    • Branding customization
    • PNG, GIF, JPEG image formats


    • How can I add a subscribe button watermark to my YouTube videos?
    • What are the recommended image dimensions for the subscribe button watermark?
    • Can I customize the display time of the subscribe button on my videos?
    • Do I need to set up the subscribe button watermark for each video individually?

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