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    How to Add an End Screen to YouTube Videos

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    How to Add an End Screen to YouTube Videos

    Adding an end card screen to the end of your YouTube videos can help you increase views on your other videos. In this tutorial, we'll walk you through how to add end screens inside the YouTube Studio.

    To begin, ensure you have about five to ten seconds at the end of your video for the end cards. You can either speak during this time or use an end card screen. If you need help creating an end card screen, check out our tutorial for a quick and easy method.

    In the YouTube Studio, start by uploading your video and navigating to the "Video Elements" section. Here, you can add an end screen by creating your own or selecting a template. You can add videos, subscribe buttons, and customize the layout to your liking. Make sure elements do not overlap and are within the allowed duration.

    After uploading a video, you can still add end screens by selecting the video in the YouTube Studio and going to the "End Screen" section. You can import end screens from previous videos and adjust their timing to fit the end of your current video.

    Ensure to save your changes and preview the end screen before publishing your video. End screens are clickable and can direct viewers to other videos or channels, enhancing engagement on your channel.


    YouTube Studio, End Screen, Video Elements, Subscription Button, Tutorial


    1. Can I add more than two videos to an end screen in YouTube Studio? Yes, you can add up to four videos and multiple subscribe buttons to an end screen in the YouTube Studio.

    2. Can I customize the layout of end screens in YouTube videos? Yes, you can customize the layout by adding videos, subscribe buttons, and arranging elements to your preference within the allowed duration.

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