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    How to Adjust Video Brightness and Contrast Online

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    How to Adjust Video Brightness and Contrast Online

    Christina from Kapwing demonstrates how to adjust the brightness and contrast of a video or image using Kapwing's online platform. This tutorial is beneficial if you have a video that is either too dark or overexposed and in need of adjustment to improve visibility and detail.

    To begin, visit and start editing a blank canvas. Upload your footage and resize it as needed. Under the adjustment options, you can manipulate parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and blur. Adjusting these settings can help enhance the visual quality of your video.

    Additionally, Kapwing offers various editing tools like adding filters, text, and audio to further customize your content. Once you are satisfied with the adjustments, you can export the video in high quality for sharing or download.


    • Brightness adjustment
    • Contrast adjustment
    • Online video editing
    • Visual enhancements
    • Customization options


    1. Can I adjust both brightness and contrast of a video using Kapwing? Yes, with Kapwing's online platform, you can easily adjust both the brightness and contrast of a video to enhance its visual quality.

    2. Are there limitations on the file size or length of videos that can be edited with a free Kapwing account? With a free Kapwing account, you can upload videos up to a certain file size and edit videos up to seven minutes long.

    3. Is it possible to add additional elements like text, filters, and audio while adjusting the brightness and contrast of a video? Yes, besides adjusting brightness and contrast, Kapwing provides various editing tools such as adding text, filters, and audio to further customize your video content.

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