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    How to CHANGE THE COLOR of any object | Davinci Resolve 18 Tutorial

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    How to CHANGE THE COLOR of any object | Davinci Resolve 18 Tutorial

    In today's tutorial video, you will learn how to change the color of any object or element that appears in your video using DaVinci Resolve. There are two main ways to change colors in the video: through the color warper panel and using the curves. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can easily manipulate colors in your videos to achieve the desired effects.

    Once inside DaVinci Resolve with the video you want to edit, navigate to the color module and choose the method that suits your editing style best. The color warper panel allows you to adjust colors by moving points within the color square, while the curves menu provides a different approach to color manipulation. Ensure that you track the movement of objects when making color changes to maintain consistency throughout the video.

    To address color spill and prevent unintended color changes on other elements in the video, utilize the masking feature in DaVinci Resolve. By creating masks for specific objects, you can isolate color adjustments and avoid affecting surrounding areas. This step is crucial, especially when changing the color of individual objects in a scene to maintain visual coherence.


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    1. How can I change the color of objects in my video using DaVinci Resolve?

      • You can change the color of objects in your video by using tools like the color warper panel and curves in DaVinci Resolve. These features allow you to manipulate colors with precision and control.
    2. Why is masking important when changing colors in a video?

      • Masking is crucial when changing colors in a video to prevent color spill and ensure that color adjustments only affect specific objects or elements. By creating masks, you can isolate color changes and maintain visual consistency in your edits.
    3. What is the significance of tracking the movement of objects in color adjustments?

      • Tracking the movement of objects is essential in color adjustments to ensure that color changes remain consistent as objects move within the frame. Utilizing tracking features in DaVinci Resolve helps maintain the integrity of color adjustments throughout the video.

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