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    How to Color Match ANY Video INSTANTLY! (Premiere Pro CC 2020 Tutorial)

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    How to Color Match ANY Video INSTANTLY! (Premiere Pro CC 2020 Tutorial)

    Hey guys, Stephen here back with another video. Today, I'm going to show you a very easy way to consecrate your videos and color match colors from different movies and TV shows that you may be inspired by. If you guys enjoy this video, make sure to hit that thumbs up button, and with that being said, let's get straight into it. Right here, I got footage of me and my friend, Willie, just walking, and I have some reference clips from different shows and movies that I really like in terms of color grading like Joker, Mad Max, John Wick, Euphoria, Life of Pi, and more. Essentially, we're going to match the colors from these different screenshots. Let me show you this trick, but remember, the trick only helps you color match; it doesn't actually help you match the exposure and highlights. Let's dive in to learn how to do it in Premiere Pro CC 2020!

    So, to start, import your references and open the color panel. You'll want to go to the color wheel and match option. Click on your clip, press comparison view, and cycle through your timeline to select the screenshot you want to match. Simply press apply match, and you'll see the colors are matched, but not the contrast. You can then adjust the contrast, highlights, and other settings to fine-tune the color match. If the color match comes off too extreme, try lowering the opacity of the LUTs you apply. You can also create an adjustment layer to adjust the opacity of the color match. By following these steps, you can easily color match any video instantly in Premiere Pro CC 2020.


    Color match, Premiere Pro CC 2020, Color grading, Reference clips, Adjustment layer, Basic correction, Contrast, Opacity, Color wheel


    1. Can this method in Premiere Pro CC 2020 help me color match videos from different sources like movies and TV shows?
    • Yes, by using the color wheel and match feature, you can easily color match your videos to reference clips from various sources.
    1. Is it possible to adjust the contrast and other settings after applying the color match?
    • Absolutely, you can fine-tune the contrast, highlights, and other settings to achieve the desired color grading effect.
    1. What should I do if the color match is too extreme?
    • If the color match appears too intense, try lowering the opacity of the applied LUTs or create an adjustment layer to fine-tune the color match even further.

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