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    How to Convert Text to Video with AI | Video Script to TTS Video

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    How to Convert Text to Video with AI | Video Script to TTS Video

    In this article, we will explore how to easily convert video scripts or text into a video using AI technology. We will walk through the process of generating a video script with an AI video script generator and transforming it into a complete text-to-speech video with automatic subtitles and stock footage, all within the same editor.

    To begin, we can utilize an AI video script generator to automatically create a script for our video. By providing a brief description of the video's topic, selecting a tone of voice, and specifying the video format, the AI generator can quickly produce a script that can be used for our video content. This eliminates the need for manual script writing and streamlines the content creation process.

    Once we have generated our video script, we can seamlessly turn it into a text-to-speech video using the built-in video editor. By converting the script text into audio using the text-to-speech feature, we can create a narration for our video. Additionally, we can add subtitles that are synced with the audio, edit the text-to-speech fragments, and enhance the video with stock footage and customized subtitle designs.

    After finalizing the video, we can export it and share it on various platforms or download it as an mp4 file. This streamlined process of converting text to video with AI technology offers a convenient and efficient way to create engaging video content.


    • AI video script generator
    • Text-to-speech (TTS) technology
    • Automatic subtitles
    • Stock footage
    • Video editing
    • Content creation


    • Can the AI video script generator create scripts for different video formats? Yes, the AI video script generator allows you to specify the video format, such as for YouTube, LinkedIn, or TikTok videos, and generates a script tailored to your chosen format.

    • Is it possible to customize the text-to-speech audio and subtitles in the video editor? Absolutely, you can adjust the volume, speed, and timing of the text-to-speech audio, as well as customize the design of the subtitles by changing the font, colors, and adding animations.

    • Can I use my own footage in addition to the stock footage provided by the editor? The video editor allows you to upload and incorporate your own footage into the project alongside the stock footage from the built-in library, providing flexibility in creating a unique and personalized video.

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