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    How to Create 40 Social Media Post Designs in 2mins Using ChatGPT and Canva AI

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    How to Create 40 Social Media Post Designs in 2mins Using ChatGPT and Canva AI

    One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face in today's world is being consistent on social media. It can be difficult to create content for social media and keep up with the demands of posting regularly. Coming up with ideas, captions, write-ups, and designs can be overwhelming, leading to a lack of consistency in posting. However, in this article, I will show you how you can use ChatGPT and Canva to design 40 social media posts in just two minutes, even if you have no skills in writing or designing graphics.

    Step 1: Using ChatGPT

    To get started, visit ChatGPT and log in to your account or register if you don't have one. Once logged in, type in the topic you want ChatGPT to generate for you. For this example, let's use "tips on how to make money online." ChatGPT will generate 40 tips on this topic for you, and you can customize or regenerate them as needed. Copy the generated tips.

    Step 2: Adding Text to a Spreadsheet

    Next, open a Google spreadsheet or any other spreadsheet software you prefer. Paste the copied tips into the spreadsheet and add a title. Save the spreadsheet and download it as a CSV file.

    Step 3: Using Canva

    Now, visit Canva and sign in or create a free account. Once in Canva, choose the Instagram post template. Search for a design related to tips or any other design that resonates with you. Customize the design by adding your brand colors, changing the handle, and any other modifications you prefer.

    Step 4: Bulk Creation

    To create the 40 designs, select the "Apps" tab in Canva and click on "Bulk Create." Choose the option to upload the CSV file you downloaded from ChatGPT. Connect the data from the CSV file to the Canva design and click "Continue." Canva will generate 39 additional pages, each with a unique design using the tips from ChatGPT.

    Step 5: Captions using ChatGPT

    To create captions for each design, use ChatGPT again. Ask ChatGPT to provide more explanation for tip number one, and it will generate a caption for you. Customize or shorten the caption if needed. Copy the caption and paste it next to the corresponding design in the Google spreadsheet.

    Step 6: Utilizing the Designs

    Now that you have 40 different designs with captions, you can use them for your own social media posts. To ensure variety, divide the designs into two sets and use different colors for each set. This way, when you post one design, switch to the other color for the next post. This strategy will make your Instagram feed more visually appealing and attract a wider audience.


    • Social media post designs
    • ChatGPT
    • Canva AI
    • Content creation
    • Consistency


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    • Can I customize the designs generated by Canva to match my brand?
    • Can I use ChatGPT to generate captions for other types of content, not just social media posts?
    • Can I offer this social media post design service to others and make money?

    These are some frequently asked questions related to creating social media post designs using ChatGPT and Canva AI.

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