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    How to Create 50 Instagram Reel Videos in 2 mins using VidiQ, ChatGPT and Canva

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    How to Create 50 Instagram Reel Videos in 2 mins using VidiQ, ChatGPT, and Canva

    I am super excited to announce that our channel has reached a significant milestone of 10,000 subscribers! It's hard to believe that this channel is only four months old. Thank you all for the love, support, and engagement. Your feedback and suggestions have been invaluable in shaping the content of this channel. I am grateful for your continued support and promise to deliver the best quality content. In today's video, I will show you how you can create 50 Instagram Reel videos in just two minutes using VidiQ, ChatGPT, and Canva.

    To get started, the first thing you need to do is generate the text for your videos. In this tutorial, we will use VidiQ to show you how its platform works. VidiQ's new AI coach feature is incredibly powerful. Simply command it to generate 50 captivating quotes on digital skills and making money online. Once it completes generating the quotes, copy them and paste them into a spreadsheet.

    Next, give your collection of quotes a title. For this example, let's call it "Seven Figure Boss." Save the document as a CSV file.

    Now open Canva and select the Instagram Reels template. Choose a template that suits your style and preferences. You can customize the background, change the text, and upload your own profile picture. Experiment with the design until you're satisfied.

    To automate the process, click on "Box Rate" and then "Upload CSV" in Canva. Choose the CSV file you created earlier and connect the data to the text in your design. Canva will automatically generate 49 pages, with each quote applied to the template you selected.

    Once the designs are ready, you can download them individually. Unfortunately, Canva currently doesn't offer the option to download multiple videos separately. Uncheck the box that merges them into one file and download each video individually. This will ensure that each video is saved as a separate file.

    With the latest Instagram update, you can now schedule your posts in advance. Take advantage of this feature and schedule your 50 Instagram Reel videos to be posted daily or as per your preference. By automating the process, you can have 50 days' worth of content without having to manually upload each video.

    Creating a bulk collection of Instagram Reel videos has never been easier with the combination of VidiQ, ChatGPT, and Canva. Utilize these tools to generate engaging content, design eye-catching visuals, and automate the posting process. Take advantage of this efficient method to boost your visibility and engage with your audience on Instagram.


    Instagram Reel videos, VidiQ, ChatGPT, Canva, generate quotes, design templates, automate, schedule, engagement, visibility


    1. Can I use VidiQ to generate quotes on any topic?

      • Yes, VidiQ's AI coach feature allows you to generate quotes on various subjects, including digital skills and making money online.
    2. Do I need a Canva Pro subscription to create these videos?

      • Canva's basic features are sufficient to create and customize the Instagram Reel videos. However, a Canva Pro subscription offers additional benefits and features.
    3. How long does it take to download all the videos individually?

      • The downloading process depends on the speed of your internet connection and the total file size of the videos. However, since they are downloaded individually, you can start the process and let it run in the background.
    4. Can I schedule these videos on platforms other than Instagram?

      • While this tutorial focuses on Instagram Reels, you can apply the same principles and schedule videos on other platforms that support scheduled posts.
    5. Can I edit the videos after they have been scheduled?

      • Yes, you can still make changes to the scheduled videos in Canva before they are posted. Simply make the necessary edits and save the changes.

    Remember to customize the design, add your branding elements, and create engaging content that resonates with your audience. Enjoy the process of creating and scheduling 50 Instagram Reel videos effortlessly!

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