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    How to Create AI video FREE

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    How to Create AI Video FREE

    There is a growing trend of eye-generated character videos on platforms like YouTube, with channels such as Virtual Psychic gaining millions of views despite being faceless. Intrigued by this concept, I embarked on a journey to convert myself into an eye-generated character by utilizing various online tools.

    First, I uploaded a photo of myself to a website that specialized in converting images into eye-generated characters. This initial step transformed my photo into a unique character. Next, I visited another website where I converted this character image into a video. Finally, I shared my experience and provided access to the tools I used on my Discord server for others to explore.

    If you are interested in creating your own AI video for free, follow this simple guide that details the process of transforming your image into an eye-generated character and then into a video.


    eye-generated character, AI video, YouTube, Virtual Psychic, online tools, Discord server


    1. How can I create an eye-generated character video for free?
    2. What websites were mentioned in the article for converting images into eye-generated characters and videos?
    3. Can I access the tools used by the author on their Discord server?

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