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    How to Create "Hormozi Style" Captions for Reels in 60 Seconds (Premiere Pro Quick Tutorial)

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    How to Create "Hormozi Style" Captions for Reels in 60 Seconds (Premiere Pro Quick Tutorial)

    To create captivating captions for your reels in a quick and efficient manner, follow these steps using Adobe Premiere Pro:

    1. Open Premiere Pro and import your footage into the timeline.
    2. Adjust the composition to your desired ratio.
    3. Cut out your best lines of copy to keep the captions concise.
    4. Use the waveform to cut the gaps between your sentences for a seamless flow.
    5. Transcribe the audio and fix any typos in the captions.
    6. Edit all your captions to ensure they look visually appealing.
    7. Use a bold sans-serif font with a dark shadow for the captions.
    8. Make additional cuts on specific words to accentuate them.
    9. Experiment with changing the size and color of the captions.
    10. Add emojis and sound effects to enhance engagement.
    11. Voila! You now have highly engaging and scroll-stopping reels.



    Premiere Pro, Captions, Reels, Editing, Visual Appeal, Engagement, Tutorial


    1. How can I quickly create captivating captions for my reels in Premiere Pro?
    2. What are some tips for editing captions to make them visually appealing?
    3. How can emojis and sound effects enhance engagement in reel videos?

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