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    How to Create INVITATIONS AND COLLECT RSVP’s for FREE | Canva + CreatEcards Tutorial

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    How to Create INVITATIONS AND COLLECT RSVP’s for FREE | Canva + CreatEcards Tutorial

    Hi everyone, it's Tom from Creator Cards, and in this tutorial, I'll show you how to create an e-invitation using Canva designs and Creator Cards. With this tutorial, you'll learn how to design an invitation on Canva, integrate it with Creator Cards, and collect RSVPs from your guests.

    To begin, access Canva to design your invitation template. Once you've selected a design, you can save it to Creator Cards by using the Canva button integration. Switch over to Creator Cards' platform where you can further customize your invitation, add an RSVP button, change the branding and background, and personalize the experience.

    Utilize Creator Cards to manage your RSVPs, send out the invitations via QR code for easy sharing on mobile devices, and track responses within the platform. This tutorial provides a comprehensive guide on turning your Canva designs into interactive e-cards suitable for event invitations.


    Canva, Creator Cards, e-invitation, RSVP, design customization, QR code sharing, mobile sharing, track responses


    1. How can I integrate my Canva designs with Creator Cards?
    2. Can I customize the branding and background of the invitation on Creator Cards?
    3. Is it possible to track RSVP responses using Creator Cards?
    4. How do I share the invitations with guests using a QR code for mobile devices?
    5. Can I manage and download RSVP responses to my computer for further organization?

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