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    How to Create Instagram Trendy Photo Collage Video (InShot Tutorial)

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    How to Create Instagram Trendy Photo Collage Video (InShot Tutorial)

    In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of creating a trendy photo collage video using the InShot app. Follow these steps to transform your favorite photographs into a stylish video that transitions from black and white to color.

    1. Pick Your Favorite Photographs: Start by selecting four of your favorite photographs that you want to include in your collage video.

    2. Create a Blank Clip: Open the InShot app and click on "Blank" to create a new clip. Adjust the aspect ratio and duration of the clip to your preference.

    3. Import Photos: Tap on "Canvas" to adjust the aspect ratio and then import your first photo using the "PIP" feature. Repeat this process for the remaining photos.

    4. Add Transitions: Split the clips where you want the transition from black and white to color to occur. Adjust the duration of each clip accordingly.

    5. Apply Filters: Add a dark filter to the first half of the video to create a seamless transition from black and white to color.

    6. Final Touches: Once you have completed the above steps, your trendy photo collage video is ready to be shared on Instagram or any other social media platform.

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    1. Can I use more than four photos in the photo collage video?

      • Yes, you can add more than four photos to your collage video by following the same process for each additional photo.
    2. Do I need any prior editing experience to create this photo collage video?

    3. Can I customize the transitions between the photos in the collage video?

      • Yes, you can customize the transitions by splitting the clips and adjusting the duration of each segment to create a unique and seamless transition effect.

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