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    How to Create VIRAL Motivational Shorts & Reels with MILLIONS of Views (Step By Step)

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    How to Create VIRAL Motivational Shorts & Reels with MILLIONS of Views (Step By Step)

    This Instagram page gains 250,000 new followers each month by sharing dark-themed motivational videos. They have successfully turned a regular Instagram page into a business and even started their own clothing brand. In this tutorial, we will learn how to create similar videos for YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, or TikTok. The process involves creating a script, finding b-roll footage, editing the video, and making it engaging.

    Let's begin with the planning stage. The videos typically use a dark background, an AI-generated voiceover, and captions to keep viewers interested. The script is created using advanced AI tools like ChatGPT to generate quotes aligned with the theme. These quotes are then turned into a voiceover using 11 Labs, adding a personal touch to connect with the audience. Motivational music is added in the background to enhance the video's emotional impact. B-roll footage can be sourced from Instagram or websites like Pexels and Mixkit, ensuring high-quality visuals for the video.

    In the editing phase, the voiceover and b-roll footage are combined, and the aspect ratio is adjusted to fit shorts or reels format. Effects and transitions are added to make the video visually appealing, and subtitles are included to improve viewer retention. Finally, the video is polished with text animations and music to create a compelling narrative.


    • Instagram
    • Motivational videos
    • AI voiceover
    • B-roll footage
    • Editing
    • Subtitles
    • Viral content creation


    • How can I generate quotes for my videos?
    • Where can I find royalty-free b-roll footage for my content?
    • What are the key elements of creating engaging motivational videos?
    • Which tools can be used for voiceover generation and video editing?

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