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    How to Create a Google Earth Flythrough Video

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    How to Create a Google Earth Flythrough Video

    In today's video, we will show you how to create an earth fly-through in your video using Ace Movie. Welcome back to the Ace Movie channel. Before we begin, don't forget to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell so you never miss a video. To create an earthquake shot like the one in the beginning of the video, we will use Google Earth and a screen recording software.

    To start, use the built-in screen recording tools that come with your system or use the Ace Movie recorder. Access the Google Earth website by going to Adjust the settings by turning off captions and preparing for the fly-through. There are two methods to create the fly-through: using the little man button for manual placement or playing backward for precise positioning. Import the footage into Ace Movie, cut, crop, and add effects to create the final fly-through video.

    Keywords: Google Earth, fly-through video, Ace Movie, screen recording, editing, effects


    1. What software is recommended for creating a Google Earth fly-through video?

    2. Can I use other screen recording tools besides the built-in ones?

      • Yes, you can use other screen recording tools like Ace Movie recorder for capturing the Google Earth fly-through process.
    3. How can I ensure precision in the fly-through video creation?

      • By following the second method of finding the exact position on Earth and using the reverse function in editing, you can ensure precision in the fly-through video creation.

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