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    How to Create a Promo Video about Pet Show | Promo Video Maker | Coloured Theme and Timer Feature

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    How to Create a Promo Video about Pet Show | Promo Video Maker | Coloured Theme and Timer Feature

    Hey Video Creator slash content creator slash video marketer slash video Watcher either way I'm sure you've come across situations where you have a great script great images great videos thing is missing maybe a dash of color well immediately rushes in to show you its display of color themes that's not only brightens up your video but also enhances your video making experience what's better it also picks out the right Shades that complement each other that makes your video a class apart along with this the time of feature also disciplines your video by allowing you to decide how long you want each scene to be we're going to be learning all this and more by simply creating a super cute promo ad for a pet show and let's see how the first step is to log in and to choose crypto live video enter a script pick theme that leads to the workspace let's play with colors now shall we click on theme and you find a beautiful display of colors starting with the default black and yellow this could be for more of a quirky yet professional video next a mix of green yellow and blue the pink and purple family as well if you're looking to go classy then pick something along the lines of black and white if you are not convinced of these colors then we have the customize option where you can pick the combination you are particular off I have chosen off-white and black moving on to the timer key click on it and decide how long you want each scene to be also take note of the voice over if you're using one make sure to adjust the timer depending on how long the speech is for make other edits and watch your video shine got a furry Pooch at home Lively super enthusiastic with skills waiting to Showcase Rambo pet center brings to you a pet show like no other best groomed best tricks handsome pet costume parade the list goes on register now on www.petssonly.n simply watch your furry friend shut up that dash of color made that video sword and that's how you do it in Steve's Style


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    1. How can help enhance video making experiences?
    2. What features does offer for creating promo videos?
    3. How does the timer feature in assist in video editing?
    4. Can users customize color themes in for their promo videos?
    5. What are some key elements to consider when creating a promo video for a pet show?

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