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    How to Create a Whiteboard Animation with CreateStudio Doodle Video Maker

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    How to Create a Whiteboard Animation with CreateStudio Doodle Video Maker

    Whiteboard animations are a popular and effective way to engage and educate viewers. With the latest update to CreateStudio, you can now create entire doodle sketch videos with ease. This powerful tool gives you complete control over the path of your animations, allowing for point-and-click flexibility. In just seconds, you can create captivating sketch videos that are perfect for YouTube, educational content, and promotional videos.

    The latest update introduces the ability to sketch images, videos, text, and characters with just a few clicks. You have the option to draw out the path manually or let the software automatically do it for you. This new feature opens up a world of possibilities for creating dynamic and engaging videos.

    To create a doodle sketch video, simply select the media type you want to work with - video, images, or text. For videos, you can use the hide hand option to create a smooth transition effect. Adjust the duration to make it faster or slower as desired.

    For images, you can manually draw out the path for the hand to follow. Use the shift key to add points and the shift + control keys to remove points. You can also adjust the drawing size to reveal more or less of the image.

    When working with characters, the software automatically removes the mask once the character is fully drawn to reveal the entire image. You can choose from a variety of hand options and adjust the hand size and shaking effect to customize your animation.

    Text can also be animated with the doodle effect. You have the option to manually draw out the path or use the automatic option to save time. The software also allows you to erase your media using a pencil, eraser, or whiteboard erasers.

    In addition to the doodle effects, CreateStudio has made improvements to the left side panel studio builder. Thumbnails are now larger for a better viewing experience. The update also includes a variety of new hand options and the ability to manually move objects in a straight line horizontally or vertically.

    To celebrate the new doodle effects, CreateStudio has put together a special package of doodle effects, characters, and transitions available at a limited-time, one-time price. This package is a great addition to any video creator's toolkit.

    In summary, CreateStudio's latest update makes it easier than ever to create whiteboard animations with the new doodle video maker. With the ability to sketch images, videos, text, and characters, and the option to manually draw paths or use the automatic feature, you have complete control over your animations. The improved left side panel and additional hand options further enhance the creative process.

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