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    How to Create an Explainer Video that Converts #explainer #video #marketing

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    How to Create an Explainer Video that Converts #explainer #video #marketing

    If you go onto any software website, you'll find a video that explains the product at a high level - that's an explainer video. Today, we will share three tips on how to make an effective explainer video. Explainer videos are short and informative videos that tell your customers why they need your product and what they will get from purchasing it. These videos go more in-depth than promo videos and aim to present your solution in a clear way, even if it's abstract like software. The beauty of these videos is that they make it a no-brainer for customers to sign up for your product or attend an event.

    Tip 1: Keep it simple by keeping the video under 90 seconds to avoid overwhelming users. Deliver only essential information, as the rest can be found in a PDF or by browsing through your website.
    Tip 2: Focus on benefits rather than features. Make it easy for customers to understand the value they will receive from downloading your product. If needed, you can list specific features in a PDF or on the website.
    Tip 3: Encourage viewers to sign up. Create a strong call-to-action to prompt them to take the next step.


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    1. How long should an explainer video ideally be?

      • Aim to keep your explainer video under 90 seconds to avoid overwhelming viewers.
    2. What should the focus be on in an explainer video?

      • It's essential to focus on the benefits of the product rather than just listing out its features to make it more appealing to customers.
    3. How can explainer videos help in converting customers?

      • Explainer videos provide a clear understanding of the product or service, making it easier for customers to see the value and take the desired action like signing up or making a purchase.

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