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    How to Edit a Gaming Video in 2023 (For Beginners)

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    How to Edit a Gaming Video in 2023 (For Beginners)

    Are you an aspiring gaming YouTuber looking to create captivating gaming videos that will attract a large audience? Editing plays a crucial role in making your videos stand out and engage viewers. In this article, we will guide you through the process of editing a gaming video and provide some valuable tips to help you succeed.

    Step 1: Recording and Choosing Software

    When it comes to recording your gameplay, you have a few options. Popular choices include OBS Studio, Nvidia ShadowPlay, Fraps, or Bandicam. Evaluate the features and compatibility with your system to make an informed decision. Ensure you have ample storage space dedicated to saving your game footage.

    Step 2: Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

    Open Adobe Premiere Pro and import your gameplay footage. Organize your files to stay organized and easily locate them. Start by trimming and cutting unnecessary sections from your clips to keep the video engaging. Remove dead spaces and refine the pacing of your video. Keep in mind that humor is subjective, so eliminate anything that isn't funny to maintain the video's overall flow.

    Step 3: Zooms, Tracking, and Visual Effects

    Implementing zooms, tracking, and other visual effects can further enhance your gaming video. Adobe Premiere Pro offers tools to achieve this easily. By zooming in on crucial elements or tracking specific objects, you can effectively highlight what's important, immersing your viewers in the gaming experience.

    Step 4: Adding Music and Sound Effects

    Adding music and sound effects can greatly enhance the overall experience of your gaming video. Ensure you have legal and copyright-free music to avoid any infringement issues. Websites like provide playlists of royalty-free music. Adjust the sound levels to create a balance between the game audio, narration, and background music. Don't forget to add relevant sound effects, especially during transitions, to make your video more engaging.

    Step 5: Transitions and Subtitles

    To make your gaming video more visually appealing, consider incorporating smooth and well-designed transitions. While Adobe Premiere Pro offers some default transitions, using presets or downloaded transitions can elevate the quality of your edits. Additionally, adding subtitles can greatly enhance viewer comprehension. Experiment with different styles and effects to find the one that suits your video.

    Step 6: Exporting and Publishing

    Once you're satisfied with your editing, it's time to export your gaming video. Choose the appropriate settings, such as the file format and bitrate, to ensure high-quality output. Remember to give your video a descriptive and eye-catching title. After exporting, you can publish your gaming video on your preferred platform, such as YouTube, and share it with the world.


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    Q: What software should I use for recording my gameplay?
    A: Recommended options include OBS Studio, Nvidia ShadowPlay, Fraps, or Bandicam, depending on your system and preferences.

    Q: How can I find copyright-free music for my gaming video?
    A: Websites like offer playlists with a wide range of royalty-free music suitable for gaming videos.

    Q: Are there any special effects or techniques to make my gaming video more visually appealing?
    A: Implementing zooms, tracking, and transitions can significantly improve the visual quality of your gaming video. Experiment with different effects to find what suits your video style.

    Q: How can I add subtitles to my gaming video?
    A: Adobe Premiere Pro provides tools to add subtitles easily. Refer to tutorials or presets to create visually appealing and engaging subtitles.

    Q: How do I export and publish my gaming video?
    A: In Adobe Premiere Pro, choose the appropriate settings for exporting your video, such as file format and bitrate. Once exported, you can publish your gaming video on platforms like YouTube to share it with your audience.

    These steps will help you kickstart your journey as a gaming YouTuber. Remember to enjoy the process and be open to learning and evolving your editing skills along the way. Good luck and have fun creating engaging gaming videos!

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