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    How to Find VIRAL tiktok Niches EARLY to Reach 10,000 Followers fast (Tiktok CPB)

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    How to Find VIRAL TikTok Niches EARLY to Reach 10,000 Followers fast (TikTok CPB)

    Everybody talks about creating content in a viral niche, but finding one that isn't saturated can be a challenge. In this article, we delve into a three-step guide to help you discover viral TikTok niches early, ensuring you reach 10,000 followers quickly.

    Step 1: Passion Prospecting

    To increase your chances of going viral on TikTok, create content in a niche related to one of your passions. Listing five things you enjoy and three topics you'd like to learn more about can help you identify potential niches to explore.

    Step 2: Idea Mining

    Uncover hyper-specific niches within your broader interests that have yet to be capitalized on by using artificial intelligence tools like CA to analyze trending and potentially viral sub-niches. This step helps you find untapped niches within your passions.

    Step 3: Traction Tracking

    Evaluate the supply and demand of your chosen niche on TikTok by examining related hashtags and video views. Look for hashtags with views between 100 million and 750 million and ensure that top videos have over 100,000 views while videos outside the top 10 have 100,000 views or less. This step helps you gauge the potential success of your chosen niche.

    Bonus Tip: TikTok Trend Discovery

    Utilize TikTok's Trend Discovery page to uncover current trends in hashtags, music, creators, and videos. This additional step can save time and offer insights into trending content related to your passions.

    By following these steps, you can increase your chances of finding a viral TikTok niche early and grow your followers rapidly.

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    1. How can I identify a viral niche on TikTok?

      • By following the three-step guide outlined in this article, which includes passion prospecting, idea mining, and traction tracking, you can pinpoint potential viral niches that align with your interests.
    2. Why is it essential to find a niche that isn't saturated?

      • Avoiding oversaturated niches increases your chances of standing out and going viral on TikTok by tapping into untapped audience segments.
    3. What role does artificial intelligence play in niche discovery?

      • Artificial intelligence tools like CA can help you analyze trends and identify specific sub-niches within your broader interests that have the potential to go viral on TikTok.

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