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    How to Fix Noisy/Grainy Video for FREE (NO PLUGINS) | Adobe Premiere Pro

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    How to Fix Noisy/Grainy Video for FREE (NO PLUGINS) | Adobe Premiere Pro

    Hey guys, it's Connor! Today, I'm going to show you a free way to de-noise your footage in Adobe Premiere Pro. I always want to provide you with the best information, so before we get started, I have two important disclaimers. Firstly, while this free method will get the job done, it's not the best way to de-noise your footage. Consider investing in a paid plugin like Neat Video or Red Giant's Denoiser for better results. Secondly, this article is part one of two, with the next part focusing on an approach to improve denoising results regardless of the tool used. Make sure to subscribe to catch that video next week. Let's dive in!

    I've got some footage here from a music video that I shot, and while it's relatively clean at 400 percent zoom, we can still enhance it further. By using the VR Denoise effect in Premiere Pro, we can reduce noise without losing too much detail. Although the default settings may be too extreme, fine-tuning the effect to around 0.02 can yield a cleaner image. While this free method may not offer as much control as paid plugins, it serves as a quick solution when needed. Remember, next week, we'll explore a technique to enhance denoising results even further. For now, let's make the most of this free option.


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    1. What is the recommended VR Denoise setting for de-noising footage in Adobe Premiere Pro?
    2. Can the free method of de-noising footage in Adobe Premiere Pro preserve image detail effectively?
    3. How does using paid plugins like Neat Video or Red Giant's Denoiser compare to the free de-noising method in Premiere Pro?
    4. Is it possible to enhance denoising results further with additional techniques, as mentioned in the article?

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