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    How to Install & Use Whisper AI Voice to Text

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    How to Install & Use Whisper AI Voice to Text

    In this article, we will guide you through the process of installing and using OpenAI's Whisper AI for transcribing speech to text. Whisper AI provides high-quality transcription in over 96 different languages and is completely free to use. If you prefer not to install anything on your PC, we also provide instructions on using Whisper AI in the cloud.

    Installing Prerequisites

    To get started with Whisper AI on your computer, you need to install five different items. Follow these steps:

    1. Python: Download Python, the programming language used by Whisper AI. Visit the Python homepage and download the version compatible with your operating system (Windows, Linux, or Mac). Make sure to check the option to add python.exe to the path during installation.

    2. Pi torch: Install Pi torch, a machine learning library used by Whisper AI. Visit the Pi torch homepage and choose the appropriate version for your operating system. Select the package type as "pip" and the compute platform based on your GPU capabilities.

    3. Chocolatey: Download and install chocolaty, a package manager for Windows (for Mac users, we recommend Homebrew). Visit the chocolaty website and follow the instructions for individual installation.

    4. FFmpeg: Use chocolaty to install FFmpeg, a package required for reading audio files. Open PowerShell as an administrator and run the command choco install ffmpeg.

    5. Whisper AI: Finally, install the Whisper AI package using Python's package manager, pip. Open command prompt in administrator mode and type pip install -U openai-whisper.

    Once you have completed the installation steps, you are ready to use Whisper AI for transcription.

    Using Whisper AI for Transcription

    To transcribe an audio file using Whisper AI, follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to the folder with your audio files using File Explorer.

    2. Open command prompt in the current directory by entering CMD in the address field and hitting Enter.

    3. In the command prompt, type whisper [filename.extension] to transcribe a single audio file. Replace [filename.extension] with the actual file name and extension (e.g., sampleaudio.wav).

    4. Press Enter, and Whisper AI will start transcribing the audio file. It automatically detects the language used in the file and provides the transcription in text format.

    5. After completion, you can find various files in the same directory, including JSON, SRT, TXT, and more, each containing the transcription in different formats.


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    Q1. Is Whisper AI free to use?
    Yes, Whisper AI is completely free to use for transcribing audio files.

    Q2. Can I transcribe audio files in different languages?
    Yes, Whisper AI supports over 96 different languages, making it suitable for transcribing audio in various languages.

    Q3. Can I use Whisper AI to translate audio into different languages?
    Currently, Whisper AI supports translation only from other languages to English. You cannot translate audio into other languages.

    Q4. Which Python version is compatible with Whisper AI?
    Whisper AI works with Python version 3.7 and above, including the latest versions up to 3.10. It is not compatible with version 3.11 and higher.

    Q5. Can I use Whisper AI without installing anything on my PC?
    Yes, we provide instructions in the article for using Whisper AI entirely in the cloud without installing anything on your PC.

    These FAQs address common queries related to the installation and usage of Whisper AI for voice-to-text transcription.

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