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    How to Join TikTok Creativity Program Beta and Withdraw Earnings (from any country

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    How to Join TikTok Creativity Program Beta and Withdraw Earnings (from any country)

    In the video, the presenter shares a method on how to join the TikTok Creativity Program Beta and withdraw earnings even without a social security number. The process involves creating a US-based TikTok account through specific steps using a VPN, getting verified, and linking a payout method such as PayPal. By following the instructions provided in the video, individuals can potentially access this program and monetize their TikTok content. The presenter also offers alternative solutions for those who may not have access to a social security number.


    TikTok, Creativity Program, Beta, Earnings, VPN, Verification, Payout Method, US-based Account, Monetization, Social Security Number, PayPal


    1. What is the TikTok Creativity Program Beta?
    2. How can one create a US-based TikTok account without a social security number?
    3. What are the requirements to join the TikTok Creativity Program Beta?
    4. Can individuals from any country participate in the program?
    5. What alternative options are available for providing tax information for withdrawing earnings?

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