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    How to Join the TikTok Creativity Program Beta From Any Country (Full Guide)

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    How to Join the TikTok Creativity Program Beta From Any Country (Full Guide)

    If you're interested in joining the TikTok Creativity Program Beta from any part of the world, even if you are in a restricted country, this detailed guide will walk you through the process step by step. The TikTok Creativity Program initially started in the United States and has since expanded to other countries. This guide will help you navigate through the signup process regardless of your location.

    To begin, you need to create a new browsing profile to avoid any interference with your current browsing history. After setting up the new profile, head to Sign up for a new account and select your location as the United States. Use a VPN like Airband VPN to connect to the United States and create the account successfully.

    Next, set up your account using an email or phone number and verify your identity by following the provided steps. Ensure you interact with the platform for some time to establish your presence. Link your PayPal account and provide any necessary tax information to receive payments through the program.

    In summary, creating a TikTok Creativity Program Beta account from any country involves setting up a new profile, using a VPN to connect to the United States, creating a TikTok account, verifying your identity, and linking your payment method. Make sure to engage with the platform to meet the program's requirements and start monetizing your content worldwide.



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