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    How to Make 10 Youtube Shorts from 1 Podcast with AI

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    How to Make 10 YouTube Shorts from 1 Podcast with AI

    To start with, the process involves using AI to create 10 YouTube shorts from a single podcast, beginning with a basic edit and gradually enhancing them to be more attention-grabbing. In this guide, an interview with Robert Downey Jr on The Joe Rogan podcast is used as an example, which is over an hour long. The steps involve leveraging tools like Chat GPT to identify highlights, YouTube transcript to locate specific topics, and for editing the clips efficiently.

    Firstly, Chat GPT is used to generate 10 highlights from the podcast, eliminating the need to listen through it manually. These highlights are then assessed for potential virality, with trending topics being a crucial factor in YouTube shorts' success strategy. Utilizing tools like YouTube transcript helps find specific timestamps for relevant clips., an AI-powered editing tool, streamlines the editing process, making it easy to trim, format, enhance audio, and add captions to the clips swiftly.

    Creating captivating YouTube shorts involves removing silences, adding subtitles for improved engagement, and incorporating vibrant colors and animations to attract viewers. offers a range of templates and effects to elevate the visual appeal of the shorts effortlessly. Moreover, the platform's stock footage and audio library enables users to enhance their content by overlaying relevant visuals and sound elements.

    With AI tools like, making 10 YouTube shorts from a podcast becomes a straightforward process, allowing creators to produce professional-looking content efficiently and effectively.


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    5. What benefits does offer in simplifying the editing process for creating multiple shorts from a podcast?

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