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    How to Make 30 Youtube Shorts in 24 hours using AI

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    How to Make 30 YouTube Shorts in 24 Hours Using AI

    In this article, we will delve into the process of creating 30 YouTube shorts in a span of 24 hours utilizing artificial intelligence tools. The approach involves repurposing existing content, utilizing tools like ChatGPT and to streamline the process, and optimizing videos for YouTube. Let's break down the steps involved in this efficient video creation technique.

    To begin the process, the creator repurposes a lengthy video, such as an Elon Musk interview, by extracting key sections using ChatGPT. By inputting the video link into YouTube, the entire video is transcribed. Utilizing keywords like "AI," specific sections are located, timestamped, and subsequently extracted for repurposing into YouTube shorts.

    Within, the creator uploads the extracted segment, trims it to suit the short format, removes unnecessary silences, adjusts the canvas size for a vertical video, and adds subtitles for engagement. This initial short serves as a blueprint for creating additional videos based on ChatGPT recommendations, using alternatives like stock footage, music clips, or animated templates within

    Furthermore, the article explores generating video scripts with ChatGPT prompts, including lesser-known AI facts and creating voiceovers using's text-to-speech feature. It emphasizes customization, editing, and personalization when utilizing AI-generated scripts for video content creation. Lastly, it touches upon creating clickable YouTube thumbnails using AI, along with considerations for content monetization and alternative platforms like TikTok and Instagram.


    YouTube Shorts, Artificial Intelligence, Content Creation, Video Editing, ChatGPT,, Transcription, Editing Tools, Stock Footage, Text-to-Speech


    1. How does ChatGPT assist in the creation of YouTube shorts?

      ChatGPT aids in extracting key sections from lengthy videos, generating video script ideas, and providing prompts for fast-paced content creation.

    2. What are the main features of in video editing for YouTube shorts? offers tools for trimming video segments, removing silences, adjusting canvas size, adding subtitles, and incorporating voiceovers generated through text-to-speech technology.

    3. Can AI-generated scripts be utilized for creating YouTube shorts, and what considerations should content creators bear in mind?

      AI-generated scripts can be adapted for video content creation; however, creators should focus on customization, editing, and personal touches to enhance the final videos. It's advisable to be cautious of YouTube's monetization policies regarding text-to-speech content.

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