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    How to Make AI Video | ChatGPT + Invideo

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    How to Make AI Video | ChatGPT + Invideo

    In this tutorial, we will explore how you can create an AI video using ChatGPT and Invideo. This innovative approach allows you to generate a script, find matching stock footage, and even have the video voice-over done all in just a few minutes. By interacting with the AI, you can refine your video to your specific needs. So let's dive in and see how you can make your very own AI video.

    Step 1: Creating an AI Video

    To begin, head over to the ChatGPT website and log in or sign up for an account. If you have a premium ChatGPT account, you'll have access to additional functionalities. If you prefer to use it for free, follow the link provided in the description for an alternate entry point.

    Once you're logged in, you'll arrive at the familiar ChatGPT interface. On the left-hand side, click on "Explore GPTs" to access the custom GPTs. Scroll down and search for "vid" to find the Video Maker by Invideo GPT. Click on it to proceed.

    Now, you'll be presented with the ChatGPT prompt, which is paired with Invideo. You can use the provided sample prompts or type in your own specific requirements. For example, you might want a 30-second video tutorial on making chocolate chip cookies. Be sure to add any additional details or preferences, such as the video orientation (e.g., TikTok-style vertical video) or the desired voice for the narration.

    Once you're satisfied with your prompt, click the button to send the message to the AI. You may need to grant permission for ChatGPT to communicate with Invideo. The AI will then generate your video based on the given prompt. You can preview the video and make any necessary tweaks.

    Step 2: Refining the Video

    If you are not completely satisfied with the initial output, you have several options to refine your video. Invideo provides various customization settings to adjust the audience look and feel, the platform, or even the entire prompt. You can experiment with these settings, generate the video again, and preview the changes to achieve the desired outcome.

    Additionally, you can continue working with the AI to make edits. In the text field below the video, you can enter a command to edit the video further. For example, you can ask the AI to change the music style or adjust the voiceover. The AI will process your command and update the video accordingly. If you're unhappy with a specific change, the undo and redo options are available to revert or repeat the modification.

    Step 3: Fine-Tuning the Video

    Invideo also allows you to manually control various aspects of your video. You can edit individual media elements, such as swapping stock footage or uploading your own media. If you want to change a specific scene or shot in the video, you can search for suitable stock footage right within the Invideo interface. You can preview and choose the desired media and apply the changes to update the video.

    Furthermore, you have full control over the script of the video. Using the edit script feature, you can modify the text as needed. You can even add additional chapters or promotional messages to enhance the video's effectiveness. Invideo also provides keywords to help the AI select appropriate media for your video. By refining and customizing these elements, you can create a truly tailored and professional AI video.

    Exporting and Sharing the Video

    Once you're satisfied with the final result, you can export and download your video. Invideo offers different export resolutions and quality options. With a free account, the exported video will include watermarks and Invideo AI branding. However, you have the option to remove them by upgrading to a paid plan.

    Alternatively, you can directly share your video from the Invideo platform or even use the Invideo iOS app to continue working on it. The app offers the same interface and functionality, enabling you to make edits on the go.

    Now, armed with a well-written prompt, you can effortlessly create stunning AI videos using ChatGPT and Invideo. Let your creativity flow and produce captivating videos to elevate your content.


    Artificial Intelligence, Video Creation, ChatGPT, Invideo, Stock Footage, Voiceover, Customization.


    Q: Can I use ChatGPT and Invideo for free? A: Yes, you can use ChatGPT and Invideo for free, but the free version may include watermarks and branding on the exported video. To remove them, you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan.

    Q: Can I upload my own media to Invideo? A: Yes, Invideo allows you to upload your own media, such as videos or images, to customize your AI video further.

    Q: Is it possible to make changes to the AI-generated video? A: Yes, you have multiple options to refine and edit the AI-generated video. You can interact with the AI through ChatGPT to make modifications based on your specific needs. Additionally, Invideo provides an interface to manually control elements such as media, script, and voiceover.

    Q: Can I use the Invideo app to edit my video on the go? A: Yes, Invideo offers an iOS app that allows you to continue working on your video even while on the move. The app provides the same interface and functionality as the web version.

    Q: Can I export the video without watermarks and branding? A: Yes, you can remove watermarks and branding by upgrading to a paid plan, which starts at $ 20 per month. This will enable you to export the video without any additional markings.

    Q: Are there any limitations in the length or complexity of the AI-generated video? A: There may be some limitations depending on the specific platform and functionalities provided by ChatGPT and Invideo. However, these tools offer a wide range of options to create various types of videos, from short tutorials to more elaborate productions.

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