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    How to Make Cinematic Color Grading in Filmora

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    How to Make Cinematic Color Grading in Filmora

    Color grading and color correction are essential features in Filmora that can enhance the production quality of your videos, making them look more professional and cinematic. In this article, we will guide you through the process of color grading in Filmora to elevate the visual appeal of your videos.

    Hey everyone, welcome to the Filmora MVP YouTube channel where we impart editing tricks, filmmaking, and camera techniques. Before we delve into editing, ensure you're subscribed to our channel and hit the notification bell for updates on our latest videos. To get started with color grading, follow the steps outlined below:

    1. Download and Install Filmora: Click the download link in the description box to download the Filmora installer. Double click on it, agree to the terms, and allow Filmora to download and install on your system.

    2. Import and Edit Video: Import your video to the project media in Filmora and drag it to the timeline for editing.

    3. Access Color Tools: There are two ways to access the color tool. You can either click on the advanced color tuning button or right-click on your video and select color correction for more options.

    4. Color Grading Tools: Utilize a variety of tools such as presets, histogram, color enhancement, white balance, 3D LUT, color adjustments, HSL, and vignette to enhance and grade the colors in your video.

    5. Applying Color Grade: Experiment with presets, adjust temperature, tint, exposure, brightness, contrast, vibrance, saturation, and manipulate individual colors to achieve the desired cinematic look.

    6. Save and Apply Presets: Save your color grading settings as presets to apply them to other videos and compare the before and after by using the comparison option.

    7. Final Touches: Complete the color grading process and review the final video before exporting.

    8. Summary and Conclusion: Conclude the color grading process and encourage audience engagement through likes, subscriptions, sharing, and comments.


    Color grading, Filmora, cinematic, video editing, presets, histogram, color tools, white balance, saturation, vibrance, HSL, vignette, color enhancement.


    1. How does color grading enhance video production quality in Filmora?
    2. What are the essential color grading tools available in Filmora for cinematic effects?
    3. Can presets be customized and saved for future use in Filmora?
    4. How can viewers compare the before and after results of color grading in Filmora?
    5. What steps should be followed to achieve cinematic color grading in Filmora videos?

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