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    How to Make Text Pop-In on Screen While Talking in Video

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    How to Make Text Pop-In on Screen While Talking in Video

    In today's digital age, adding text that pops in on screen while talking in a video has become a popular trend among content creators on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. This article will guide you through the process using Veed's online video editor.

    To start, click on the first link in the description to access Veed's online video editor. Begin by uploading your video file, then use the auto transcription tool to create subtitles. Customize the subtitles, adjust timing, and make them pop on screen word by word using different styles and animations. Finally, export your video with the subtitles and share or download it as needed.


    • Text pop-in
    • Video editing
    • Subtitles
    • Customize
    • Veed
    • Online video editor
    • Animation


    1. Can I customize the appearance of the subtitles?

      • Yes, you can fully customize the subtitles by changing the color, font, size, and even using templates for different effects.
    2. Is it possible to adjust the timing of the subtitles?

      • Absolutely, you can adjust the timing and length of the subtitles by dragging them on the timeline in the video editor.
    3. Can I make the subtitles pop on screen word by word?

      • Yes, you can achieve the pop-in effect for subtitles by selecting the impact option under the animation settings in the video editor.

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