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    How to Make Ultra-Realistic AI Avatar Videos | Wondershare Virbo

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    How to Make Ultra-Realistic AI Avatar Videos | Wondershare Virbo

    Are you interested in creating your own ultra-realistic AI Avatar videos? With Wondershare Virbo, you can easily turn a simple video of yourself into a dynamic avatar that speaks in different languages and keeps the lips in sync with the speech. In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating these stunning AI Avatar videos in just a few minutes. Let's get started!

    Step 1: Getting Started with Wondershare Virbo

    To begin creating AI Avatar videos, visit the Wondershare Virbo website and sign up for a free account. With a free account, you can generate up to 2 minutes of AI Avatar video, which is perfect for testing out the features. However, if you need more time, there are premium plans available that offer additional benefits. Currently, you can even enjoy a 15% discount on premium plans. Once you have signed up, you can choose to use the desktop app or the online version of Wondershare Virbo.

    Step 2: Creating Your AI Avatar Video

    After installing the app or accessing the online version, you'll be greeted with a user-friendly interface. From here, you can start creating your AI Avatar video by clicking on the "Create Video" button. This will allow you to create a blank video with an avatar. You have a wide range of avatar options to choose from, including different ethnicities, genders, and ages. You can also explore various collections or search for specific avatars to find the perfect match for your message.

    If you prefer a complete scene with a background and overlaying text, you can also explore the video template mode. Here, you can select from pre-existing scenes that feature avatars in different settings and styles. Additionally, you can filter the videos by collection, gender, or aspect ratio to match your specific needs, such as creating YouTube videos or TikTok videos.

    For the purpose of this tutorial, we will focus on creating a blank AI Avatar video. After selecting the desired avatar and adjusting its position, size, and rotation, you can move on to choosing a background. Wondershare Virbo offers a wide selection of background options, and you can even upload your own images for a personalized touch. Once you have set up your scene, it's time to add text or an audio script.

    Step 3: Adding Text or Audio to Your AI Avatar Video

    Wondershare Virbo provides two options for adding script to your video: text and audio. If you opt for the text script, you can simply type in the desired dialogue, and the avatar will speak the text. Alternatively, you can use the audio script feature to upload, extract, or record audio that will be synced with the avatar's lips.

    Once you have chosen your preferred script method, you can utilize additional features to optimize and enhance the text. Wondershare Virbo offers AI-generated script assistance to help you refine your dialogue. You can also utilize the translation feature to convert your text into different languages and have the avatar speak in your desired language.

    With your script in place and your avatar ready, you can proceed to the final step.

    Step 4: Exporting and Finalizing Your AI Avatar Video

    After configuring your video, click on the export button to render the final video. Wondershare Virbo will process the video, and you can preview the results before downloading it to your computer. Once downloaded, you can play, share, or use the video according to your needs.

    Congratulations! You have successfully created an ultra-realistic AI Avatar video using Wondershare Virbo. Experiment with different avatars, scenes, and scripts to bring your ideas to life in a unique and engaging way.


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    Q: How can I create AI Avatar videos with Wondershare Virbo? A: To create AI Avatar videos, sign up for a free account on the Wondershare Virbo website and choose between the desktop app or the online version. Select an avatar, customize its position and size, choose a background, and add text or audio script.

    Q: Can I translate my AI Avatar videos into different languages? A: Yes, Wondershare Virbo offers a translation feature that allows you to convert your text script into different languages. The avatar will then speak in the language of your choice.

    Q: Are there any limitations on the length of the AI Avatar videos I can create? A: With a free account, you can generate up to 2 minutes of AI Avatar video. If you require more time, there are premium plans available with additional benefits.

    Q: Can I use my own images or videos as backgrounds in my AI Avatar videos? A: Yes, Wondershare Virbo allows you to upload your own images or videos as backgrounds, giving you the freedom to customize your scenes according to your needs.

    Q: Are there any additional features available in Wondershare Virbo? A: Wondershare Virbo also offers features such as AI-generated script assistance, transparent background videos, and talking photos. These features enhance your creativity and allow you to create more engaging videos.

    Please note that the provided responses are for demonstration purposes only and may not reflect the exact details of Wondershare Virbo's features.

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