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    How to Make Viral YouTube Shorts | Results

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    How to Make Viral YouTube Shorts | Results

    I used to think YouTube shorts was all luck but after posting over 150 YouTube shorts across three different channels I'm now earning two thousand dollars a month from one channel and I can now confirm there's no luck to YouTube shorts. Here's a guide on how to make viral shorts so you can start seeing similar results.

    Step one: Create a YouTube channel about something you're interested in so you can upload shorts. There are two types of short channels you can create: one that repurposes content and one that uploads original content that you create yourself. My channel is the repurposed type and I also recommend you take a similar approach if you want to make money as fast as possible.

    Step two: To have the highest chances of going viral within your first five shorts, search your niche and view what's already working for inspiration. Learn from what's already successful to increase your chances of success.

    Step three: Source clips to use within your short from YouTube and trending topics in your niche. Find original clips to ensure quality and avoid copyright issues.

    Step four: Edit the clips you downloaded to add your own touch and creativity. Make sure your edits meet YouTube's monetization rules for reused content.

    Step five: Use video editing software to edit your short, ensuring high quality and engaging content. Focus on increasing retention by adding frequent edits and sound effects.

    Step six: Add trending music to your short and upload it in the highest quality possible to your channel.

    Step seven: Monitor the analytics of your shorts and understand that it may take some time for your video to go viral. Keep creating engaging content and learn from the performance of your previous videos.

    In conclusion, creating viral YouTube shorts requires a mix of creativity, research, and understanding of your audience. Consistently creating engaging content and learning from your analytics will increase your chances of success.


    YouTube shorts, viral content, video editing, engagement, retention, monetization, analytics


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