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    How to Make Your Voice Sound Like Drake, The Weeknd, Taylor Swift and More using AI

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    How to Make Your Voice Sound Like Drake, The Weeknd, Taylor Swift and More using AI

    Hey there, it's Sam Smith! Today, I want to show you how to create AI-generated vocal tracks that sound like some of your favorite artists, including Drake, The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, and more. This process, known as singing voice conversion, allows you to transform one singer's voice to sound like another. Let's dive right into it!

    If you're involved in the music industry, you've probably heard of the viral song "Heart on My Sleeve" that sounded remarkably like Drake. The major label Universal Music had to take it down because it was so convincing. This song was not generated using text-to-speech (TTS) technology like some other AI covers you might have seen. Instead, it was created using singing voice conversion (SVC) technology.

    SVC technology converts one singer's voice to sound like another, and it works best when the vocal being converted already sounds similar to the target artist. There are various SVC programs available, but one popular option is SoftVC (SVC). This GitHub page provides detailed information on how to run the program using Google Colab, a machine learning platform.

    To create the AI-generated vocals, you'll need a vocal track that closely resembles the artist you want to emulate. In the video, a Splice vocal sample that sounded like Drake was used. Once you have the vocal track, you can upload it to the SVC program and select the desired voice model. Fortunately, someone had already created a voice model for Drake, so the model could be easily applied.

    After running the process, you can download the converted vocal and mix it into your desired track. Keep in mind that the result may not be perfect, as it depends on the training model used and the similarity between the original vocal and the target artist's style. Some words or phrases may sound glitchy, but these can be edited or replaced to improve the overall quality.

    An even more accessible option is to join a Discord server that provides AI bots specifically designed for voice conversion. These bots can run the processes for you, allowing you to easily convert vocals to sound like different artists. However, these servers may be overloaded, so the Google Colab method might be faster and more reliable.

    In addition to Drake, the video also demonstrates the conversion of vocals to sound like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande using these AI bots. The results are quite convincing and can be useful for pitching songs to artists or experimenting with different vocal styles.

    Overall, singing voice conversion technology offers exciting possibilities for musicians, producers, and anyone interested in exploring new sounds. While the underlying technical details of these AI models may be complex, the availability of user-friendly tools like Google Colab and AI bots makes the process accessible even to those without technical expertise.

    Give this AI vocal conversion a try and have fun experimenting with different artist styles! Who knows, you might just discover a whole new sound for your music.


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    Q: What is singing voice conversion?
    A: Singing voice conversion is a technology that transforms one singer's voice to sound like another. It involves training models that learn the style and nuances of the target artist's voice and apply them to a different vocal track.

    Q: Can I use singing voice conversion to make my voice sound like any artist?
    A: It works best when the original vocal track closely resembles the target artist's style. The results may vary depending on the similarity of the voices and the training model used.

    Q: Are there any limitations to using AI-generated vocals?
    A: AI-generated vocals may have some limitations, such as glitchy or unnatural sounds on certain words or phrases. These can be edited or replaced to improve the overall quality of the vocal track.

    Q: Can I use AI-generated vocals for commercial purposes?
    A: It is important to consider copyright and licensing restrictions when using AI-generated vocals for commercial purposes. Always ensure you have the necessary rights and permissions before using any AI-generated content commercially.

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