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    How to: Make a Moving Outro using Windows Movie Maker & Power Point!

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    How to: Make a Moving Outro using Windows Movie Maker & Power Point!

    In a previous video, the process of creating an end card using PicMonkey was demonstrated. This time, the focus is on taking that end card and incorporating it into a video using Windows Movie Maker and PowerPoint. The steps involved are outlined below:

    1. Open Windows Movie Maker: Begin by opening Windows Movie Maker, leaving it running in the background while working on PowerPoint.

    2. Open Microsoft PowerPoint: Create a blank presentation and add the end card image created in PicMonkey to the slide. Adjust the image to fill the entire slide.

    3. Add a Video: Insert a video of choice into the presentation, resize it to fit the slide, and trim it to the desired length (typically around 6 seconds for an outro).

    4. Create a Thumbnail: Include a thumbnail image to prevent the video from starting abruptly when uploaded to YouTube.

    5. Export as a Video: Save the PowerPoint presentation as a video file by going to File > Export > Create a video. Name and save the video file accordingly.

    6. Import into Windows Movie Maker: Import the video created in PowerPoint into Windows Movie Maker and place it at the end of the desired video project.

    7. Final Touches: Make any necessary adjustments and enhancements, and then save the final video project to be uploaded to YouTube.


    • PicMonkey, Windows Movie Maker, PowerPoint, End Card, Video Editing, YouTube, Thumbnail


    • What software tools are used in creating a moving outro?
    • How long should an outro typically be?
    • What is the purpose of adding a thumbnail to the video project?
    • Can Windows Movie Maker produce professional-looking videos for YouTube?

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