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    How to Make a Watermark for YouTube Videos 2023

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    How to Make a Watermark for YouTube Videos 2023

    To follow along and create your own YouTube watermark, you can start by visiting Begin by designing a square image, preferably using a square post template like Instagram's 1080 by 1080 dimensions. The goal is to create a watermark that promotes subscriber engagement rather than being merely decorative. YouTube's subscribe button has recently been redesigned, so it's essential to align your watermark with the current pill-shaped, grayish look. While Canva Pro offers advanced features for transparent backgrounds, the free version can still be used effectively for creating square designs.

    If you opt for the YouTube Red color (hex code: ff0000) for your background, combine it with a white YouTube button, stylized in a way that mimics the current YouTube subscribe icon. Text can be added using the "Subscribe" label in bold white font like "Open Sans Extra Bold." Once the design is complete, download the image from Canva and proceed to add it as a watermark to your YouTube videos. In YouTube Studio under the "Customization" tab, select "Branding" and upload your watermark image to ensure it appears consistently on your content.

    For those who desire a non-square watermark, such as the pill-shaped subscribe button, Canva allows for easy customization. By utilizing text and effects to create the desired shape and color scheme, you can produce a watermark that resembles the current YouTube subscribe button. Canva Pro users can download the design with a transparent background, while those using the free version can utilize tools like Adobe Express to remove the background for free. The final step involves adding the watermark to YouTube videos following the same process as with a square watermark.


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    1. Can I create a watermark for YouTube videos with Canva's free version? Yes, while Canva Pro offers additional functionalities like transparent backgrounds, the free version can still be used effectively to design watermarks for YouTube videos.

    2. How can I add a watermark to my YouTube videos using YouTube Studio? In YouTube Studio, navigate to the "Customization" tab and then select "Branding." From there, you can upload your watermark image in the designated section to have it appear on your videos.

    3. Is it necessary to follow YouTube's subscribe button design for my watermark? While it's not mandatory, aligning your watermark design with YouTube's current subscribe button look can enhance viewer recognition and engagement with your channel.

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