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    How to Make a YouTube End Card (FREE & EASY Tutorial)

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    How to Make a YouTube End Card (FREE & EASY Tutorial)

    Are you looking to enhance your YouTube videos with an eye-catching end card that can help boost views and subscribers? In this tutorial, we will walk you through the simple steps to create a professional-looking YouTube end card using free software. Let's dive in!

    Step 1: Create an Account on Canva

    To start, head over to and create a free account. Once logged in, you can access a plethora of design tools and templates to make your end card stand out.

    Step 2: Design Your End Card

    Navigate to the "Create Design" section and select the video dimension you prefer. You can choose from standard HD or opt for a 4K resolution for higher quality. Search for "YouTube outro" templates to find pre-made designs that you can customize to your liking.

    Step 3: Customize and Download Your End Card

    Edit the template by replacing text, changing colors, and adding your branding elements. Preview your design to ensure everything looks perfect. Finally, download your end card in MP4 video format to incorporate it into your editing software seamlessly.

    Now, with your personalized YouTube end card ready, you can enhance your videos and engage viewers effectively. Happy creating!


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