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    How to Make a YouTube Intro on Your Phone (FREE & Easy!)

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    How to Make a YouTube Intro on Your Phone (FREE & Easy!)

    So you're looking to create a custom YouTube intro bumper or a logo stinger for your YouTube videos. In this article, we'll guide you on how to use your smartphone or tablet to create a professional intro for free, helping you level up your YouTube content!

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    Creating an intro bumper or a logo stinger can make your videos stand out and help brand your channel. It's a simple yet effective way to make your content more recognizable. Here's how you can do it for free using your phone.

    1. Download the "Mojo Insta Story Editor" app from your app store.
    2. Choose a template that suits your style and content.
    3. Customize the template with your logo, text, and images.
    4. Save the video to your device.
    5. Use an editing app like LumaFusion to add the intro to your YouTube videos.
    6. Enjoy your new intro bumper for free!


    • YouTube intro
    • Smartphone editing
    • Logo stinger
    • Mojo Insta Story Editor
    • LumaFusion
    • Free video editing


    1. Can I create professional YouTube intros on my phone for free?

      • Yes, using apps like Mojo Insta Story Editor and LumaFusion, you can create professional intros without spending any money.
    2. How can custom intros benefit my YouTube channel?

      • Custom intros can make your videos more recognizable, help with branding, and create a professional image for your channel.
    3. Are there limitations to using free editing apps for creating intros?

      • While free versions may have some limitations, they still offer a range of features to create quality intros. Consider upgrading to the paid version for more customization options.

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