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    How to Merge Videos in Windows 10 | Combine Video Files | Free

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    How to Merge Videos in Windows 10 | Combine Video Files | Free

    If you have multiple video clips that you want to merge into one in Windows 10, this guide will show you how to do it for free using the built-in video editor. Whether you want to combine videos from a holiday, a special event, or just for easy viewing, the process is straightforward and requires no extra software. Follow the steps outlined below to merge your video files seamlessly.

    Hey everyone, it's Ken from Northern Viking Everyday, and today we'll walk you through how to merge multiple video files into one using the free video editor in Windows 10. This tutorial will show you how to bring your video clips together, customize their order, and export them into a single file that you can share or watch without interruption. Let's dive into the process.

    1. Navigate to the Video Editor in Windows 10:

      • Search for "Video Editor" in the search bar to locate the app.
      • Click on the Video Editor app within the search results to open it.
    2. Create a New Video Project:

      • Click on "New video project" and give your project a name.
      • This will open a blank project where you can start importing your video files.
    3. Import Your Video Files:

      • You can add files using the "Add" button and browsing for your videos.
      • Alternatively, simply drag and drop your video files into the Video Editor window.
    4. Arrange Your Videos in the Storyboard:

      • Drag the imported videos from the project library down to the storyboard at the bottom.
      • Arrange the files in the desired order by dragging them within the storyboard.
    5. Preview and Export Your Merged Video:

      • Play through your video to ensure the sequencing is correct.
      • Click on "Finish video," choose your desired quality, and export the merged video file.
      • Select a file location and name for your merged video, then click "Export."

    Watch your merged video seamlessly combine all your clips into one cohesive file that you can share, watch, or keep as a memory. Enjoy your newly merged video file created for free using Windows 10's Video Editor.


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    Q: Can I merge more than two videos using the Windows 10 Video Editor? A: Yes, you can merge multiple videos by importing them into the Video Editor and arranging them in the desired order within the storyboard.

    Q: Is the Video Editor in Windows 10 completely free to use for merging videos? A: Yes, the Video Editor in Windows 10 is a free tool that allows you to merge, edit, and export videos without any additional cost.

    Q: Can I add transitions or text to my merged videos using the Windows 10 Video Editor? A: Yes, the Video Editor in Windows 10 provides additional features like adding transitions, text overlays, and background music to enhance your merged videos.

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