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    How to Remove Background in Video ✂️ Free AI Tool!

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    How to Remove Background in Video ✂️ Free AI Tool!

    I'm going to show you how to use a feature in Runway ml called "remove background," which will remove any background in any video with AI. First, you want to go to Runwayml, make your free account, and create a new composition. Once you've done that, you'll be in this page where you can remove a background in a video using AI magic tools.

    To start, go over to the right where it says AI magic tools and select "green screen." This action will bring the clip into the green screen menu where you can outline the subject to remove the background. Once you've outlined the subject, you can adjust the feathering, refine the brush size, and preview the result before finalizing the background removal.

    After completing the process, the video will show the subject without any background, providing a seamless removal result. You can repeat this process for different videos, effectively removing backgrounds in just a few clicks with the power of AI.


    Runway ml, remove background, video, AI, green screen, outline, feathering, brush size, seamless, result.


    • How do I start removing the background in a video using Runway ml?
    • Can I adjust the feathering and brush size while removing the background?
    • Is the background removal process with Runway ml quick and efficient?
    • Can I remove backgrounds from multiple videos using the same technique?

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