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    How to Remove Watermark from Video with/without CapCut(2023)

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    How to Remove Watermark from Video with/without CapCut (2023)

    If you are looking to remove a watermark from your video using CapCut or other methods, here are some techniques you can try:

    Method One - Scale Up Video: Enlarge the video to cover the watermark.

    Method Two - Copy Overlay and Blur: Duplicate the video, place the copy underneath the main video, apply a blur effect, and scale it up to hide the watermark.

    Method Three - Sticker Placement: Use a sticker to cover the watermark.

    If you encounter difficulties using CapCut, you can try the Hip and Watermark Remover tool for more advanced watermark removal. This tool offers various AI models for precise watermark removal.

    After following these steps, you can successfully remove the watermark from your video. Remember to adjust settings as needed for the best outcome.


    • Watermark removal
    • CapCut
    • Video editing
    • Hip Watermark Remover
    • AI model


    • Can I remove watermarks from videos without using CapCut? Yes, you can utilize other methods like scaling up the video, using overlays and blur effects, or applying stickers to cover the watermark.

    • How effective is the Hip Watermark Remover tool? The Hip Watermark Remover tool offers advanced AI models for accurate watermark removal, making it a reliable option for eliminating watermarks from videos.

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