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    How to Shoot & Edit Vertical Real Estate Videos ON YOUR PHONE !! (With Speed Ramps & Hard Cuts)

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    How to Shoot & Edit Vertical Real Estate Videos ON YOUR PHONE !! (With Speed Ramps & Hard Cuts)

    If you've ever watched those impressive real estate videos with seamless transitions and captivating shots, you might wonder how they are made. Well, it's all in the editing, and the good news is that it's not that difficult to achieve. In this article, I'll walk you through the process of shooting and editing a one-take real estate video using just your phone.

    Step 1: Get the Right Editing App

    To begin, you'll need to download the V InVideo Editing App, which is available for both iOS and Android. While there are other paid apps like Adobe Rush, V InVideo is a free option that offers similar functionality.

    Step 2: Shoot Your Footage

    Before you start editing, you have to shoot your footage. Plan your angles and camera movements ahead of time to ensure a smooth flow throughout the video. Start with the exterior shots, then move to the important interior areas, followed by the bedrooms and the rest of the house. It's ideal to end with a shot that can be used for graphics or contact information.

    It may take a few tries to get the perfect take, so don't worry if you don't nail it on the first attempt. Take your time and aim for smooth camera movements with deliberate tracking or focusing on specific objects.

    Step 3: Import and Cut the Footage

    Once you have your footage, import it into the V InVideo Editing App. Start by trimming the excess on both ends to ensure that you only keep the necessary footage for your final video.

    You can easily accomplish this by splitting the footage at the desired start and end points, then deleting the extra segments. This will give you a clean and concise timeline to work with.

    Step 4: Add Speed Ramps

    Speed ramps are key for those dynamic transitions in a real estate video. They smoothly change the speed from slow to fast and back to slow, creating an engaging effect. To add speed ramps in V InVideo, select the clip you want to edit, click on the speed icon, and adjust the keyframes accordingly to achieve the desired speed change.

    To make editing more manageable on a phone, you can use the split tool to divide long clips into smaller segments based on your camera movements. This way, you can apply speed ramps to each individual clip without overwhelming the editing interface.

    Step 5: Customize the Music

    Choosing the right music is crucial for setting the tone and vibe of your real estate video. In this example, a quirky and vibey track was selected to match the unique character of the house being showcased.

    To customize the music, you can use the Epidemic Sound app, which offers a wide range of high-quality royalty-free music. Find a track that suits your video, trim it to match the length of your edit, and adjust it to fade out at the end for a smooth transition.

    Step 6: Fine-Tune and Export

    After adding the music, you'll need to fine-tune the speed ramps to match the dynamics, transitions, and beats of the music. This will help create a seamless experience where the visuals and audio align.

    Additionally, consider adjusting the shadows and highlights of each clip to enhance the overall look of the video. Aim for a consistent color grade throughout to maintain a cohesive aesthetic.

    Finally, export the video in your desired resolution and frame rate. For vertical real estate videos, 4K at 30 frames per second is recommended.

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    1. Can I edit real estate videos on my phone?

      • Yes, you can edit real estate videos on your phone using apps like V InVideo Editing App or Adobe Rush.
    2. How do I create smooth transitions in real estate videos?

      • Smooth transitions can be achieved using speed ramps, which gradually change the speed from slow to fast and vice versa.
    3. What is the recommended resolution and frame rate for real estate videos?

      • For vertical real estate videos, it's recommended to export in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second for optimal quality and playback.
    4. Where can I find royalty-free music for my real estate videos?

      • You can use music from platforms like Epidemic Sound, which offers a wide range of royalty-free tracks suitable for various video projects.
    5. How important is the choice of music in real estate videos?

      • The choice of music plays a significant role in setting the mood and enhancing the overall appeal of real estate videos. It should complement the visuals and create a cohesive experience for the viewers.

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