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    How to Tell A Story In Video - Step by Step Script Breakdown

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    How to Tell A Story In Video - Step by Step Script Breakdown

    In this video, I will take you shot by shot through one of my videos where storytelling is used. I wrote a complete script for this video and I want to show you how I transformed it into the final video. The video is about my adventure to the Eureka Dunes in Death Valley, where I tried to capture the sound of the singing dunes. I wanted to paint a picture of the entire experience while also showcasing the journey to the top of the dunes.

    Hook: Exploring the Eureka Dunes

    There's a place in California that has been on my bucket list for a long time - the Eureka Dunes. After an eight-hour drive from Southern California's sunny beaches to the northern section of Death Valley, I find myself standing on a giant pile of sand. This is where the strange phenomenon of singing sand occurs. I kick the sand to demonstrate the unique sound that can be heard in this area.

    Backstory: The Eureka Dunes

    The Eureka Dunes are some of the tallest dunes in North America. These dunes sit on what was once the sea floor, making it hard to believe that this region was once underwater. Located in the eastern side of California, Death Valley is known as the hottest desert in the world, with temperatures reaching up to 134 degrees in the summer. Today, it's a cool 80 degrees as I embark on the adventure.

    The Journey: Climbing the Dunes

    To visually showcase the journey to the dunes, I capture footage as we approach them. This footage adds a storytelling element and provides a sense of the adventure. The climb to the summit is not an easy one, as the dunes reach heights of around 700 feet. The soft, shifting sands make progress feel like one step forward and two steps backward. During the filming process, we encountered a windstorm, causing us to turn back and continue filming the next day.

    The Unique Sound Phenomenon

    What makes the Eureka Dunes so special is the sound they produce when sand is pushed off their edges. This phenomenon has been described as singing or booming. The leading theory suggests that the sound is caused by the friction between sand grains when a sheet of sand avalanches down a slip face. The smooth texture of the grains and the friction they create generate acoustic airwaves, resulting in an audible sound. The sound resembles the base note of a pipe organ or the distant drone of an airplane.

    Capturing the Sound and the Takeaway

    Capturing the sound was challenging due to the specific conditions required. Dry sand and low humidity are necessary to hear the singing. Despite the obstacles, we persevered, spending multiple days climbing the dunes to capture a clean recording of the rumbling sound. The takeaway from this experience is that exploring unique phenomena like the singing dunes allows us to discover new places and see things we would not have otherwise experienced.


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    1. How long did it take to film the video?
    2. Did you encounter any challenges during the filming process?
    3. Can anyone visit the Eureka Dunes or are they restricted?
    4. Are the Eureka Dunes the only singing dunes in the world?
    5. How did you come up with the idea for this video?

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