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    How to Translate Video into ANY Language with AI | Own Voice | FREE

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    How to Translate Video into ANY Language with AI | Own Voice | FREE

    Have you ever wanted to translate your videos into different languages, all while keeping your own voice intact? With the help of AI, now you can easily translate your videos into various languages for free. In this guide, we will show you how to accomplish this using two different AI tools. Let's dive in and learn how to reach a global audience with your video content.

    To start, we will utilize Ras dot AI, a tool that supports over 60 languages and offers free translation services. Simply upload your video, select the language you want to translate it into, and let the AI work its magic. You can make edits to the translated text and even re-translate parts as needed. Once satisfied, you can download the translated video to your computer.

    Next, we introduce Vox Cube, another AI tool that allows free translation of videos for up to 30 minutes in length. By pasting your YouTube video link, selecting the desired language, and clicking translate, your video will be transformed into the chosen language. Vox Cube is ideal for longer videos and provides a simple and effective way to reach a broader audience.

    With these AI tools, you can expand the reach of your video content, connect with viewers from around the world, and make your videos accessible in multiple languages—all while retaining the authenticity of your own voice. Embrace the power of AI and start translating your videos today!


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    1. Can I translate my videos into any language using these AI tools? Yes, both Ras dot AI and Vox Cube support multiple languages, allowing you to translate your videos into various languages to cater to a global audience.

    2. Is it possible to retain my own voice in the translated videos? Absolutely! These AI tools preserve the original audio, ensuring that your voice remains intact in the translated versions of your videos.

    3. Are these AI translation services free to use? Yes, both Ras dot AI and Vox Cube offer free translation services, making it convenient and cost-effective to translate your videos into different languages.

    4. Can I make edits to the translated text in my videos? Yes, you have the flexibility to edit the translated text, re-translate specific segments, and customize the content to better suit your preferences before downloading the final video.

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