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    How to Trim/Cut/Split/Remove/Join Videos on iPhone 12, 11, X, iPad | Basic Video Editing

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    How to Trim/Cut/Split/Remove/Join Videos on iPhone 12, 11, X, iPad | Basic Video Editing

    If you've captured video clips on your iPhone 12, 11, X, or iPad and want to quickly tidy them up for posting on social media, this article will guide you through basic video editing using the standard iPhone Photos app. Learn how to trim the start and end of a video, break a longer video into segments, cut a piece from the middle of a video, and join multiple short clips together seamlessly.

    Step 1: Trimming and Editing Videos

    Begin by opening the video in the Photos app, click the edit button, and use handles to trim the video's start and end. You can also mute the sound, preview the edit, and save the trimmed video as a new clip. To cut a segment, use the save video as a new clip option. For more intricate edits, transition to the iMovie app to cut sections or join clips together, then preview, rename, and save the edited video.

    Step 2: Adding Effects and Transitions

    Utilize the iMovie app on your iPhone or iPad to add effects, text, photos, music, and transitions to enhance your videos. Experiment with fading effects, black transitions, and more to create engaging visuals for your audience.

    Step 3: Saving and Sharing

    After making desired edits and enhancements, save your video and choose to post it directly to social media or save it to your device for later use. The flexibility of the iPhone Photos and iMovie apps allows for quick and easy video editing on the go.

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    1. Can I edit videos directly on my iPhone or iPad without using a computer? Yes, you can edit videos using the standard Photos app and iMovie app on your iPhone or iPad, making it convenient and efficient to tidy up your videos on the go.

    2. Is it possible to trim, cut, split, remove, and join videos seamlessly with basic editing tools on the iPhone Photos and iMovie apps? Absolutely, the built-in features of the iPhone Photos and iMovie apps allow users to perform various video editing functions such as trimming, cutting, splitting, removing segments, and joining clips together effortlessly.

    3. How can I add effects, text, photos, music, and transitions to my videos using the iPhone iMovie app? The iMovie app offers a range of editing options to enhance your videos, including adding effects, text overlays, incorporating photos, inserting music tracks, and using transitions for a polished final product.

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