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    How to Use Adobe Express - Now with Generative Ai

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    How to Use Adobe Express - Now with Generative AI

    Adobe Express has introduced a new version of their online design platform, featuring generative AI capabilities. This upgrade allows users to create images from text prompts, apply text effects, and access various AI tools. In this article, we will explore the features of Adobe Express and demonstrate how to create designs from scratch using the new AI tools.

    To begin, users can sign up for Adobe Express for free and access the new beta version. The platform offers different categories like social media posts, videos, and documents. The generative AI tools can be found under the text to image and text effects sections, allowing for creative design options.

    Upon logging in, users can choose to start from scratch or use templates for various design needs. With over 4,000 templates available, users can easily customize designs for social media posts or videos. Additionally, the platform provides access to AI elements, stickers, illustrations, overlays, and the ability to upload media like photos, videos, and audio.

    Adobe Express also offers text effects through AI tools, enabling users to describe a texture prompt and generate text styles accordingly. Additionally, users can access AI-generated photos, remove backgrounds, and resize designs for different formats with just one click. After creating a design, users can download it in PNG or MP4 format and even share or schedule it directly from the platform.

    The integration of generative AI tools in Adobe Express provides users with innovative ways to design captivating visuals for various purposes. From text to image creation to advanced text effects, background removal, and resizing options, Adobe Express offers a comprehensive online design solution.


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    1. Can Adobe Express be accessed for free? Yes, users can sign up for Adobe Express for free, with the option for paid upgrades for better images and templates.

    2. What AI tools are available in Adobe Express? Adobe Express offers generative AI tools for creating images from text prompts, applying text effects, removing backgrounds, and resizing designs for various formats.

    3. How can users customize designs in Adobe Express? Users can choose from over 4,000 templates, add AI elements, stickers, illustrations, and overlays, upload media, and apply text effects using AI tools to create personalized designs.

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