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    How to Use Gen-2 | Runway Academy

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    How to Use Gen-2 | Runway Academy

    Welcome to Runway Academy! In this article, we will explore Gen 2, a text-to-video model that can bring your imagination to life through generated videos. Gen 2 is accessible through the Runway web app at and the mobile app available on the IOS app store. This tutorial will guide you through using Gen 2 on both platforms.

    To begin, navigate to the Gen 2 magic tool, where you'll encounter a user-friendly prompt box. Simply input what you want to generate, such as a palm tree on a tropical island. You can customize settings like the seed value, upscaling, or interpolation before hitting the generate button. Once your video is ready, you can evaluate the generation to assist the Runway team in enhancing Gen 2, and your video will be saved to your assets folder. Furthermore, you have the option to download it to your computer or continue refining your prompt for additional generations. If you need inspiration, check out the Gen 2 inspiration feed below the prompt bar or remix existing prompts. Gen 2 also supports image references; upload one along with your prompt to influence the generated content. Structuring prompts by providing a base prompt followed by style descriptions can yield specific results, such as cinematic or cartoonish outputs.

    If you can envision it, Gen 2 can help you bring it to life. Download the Runway IOS app for free and link your account for more convenient video generations on the go.


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