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    How to Use Midjourney - Ai Text To Image Generator - Beginner's Guide

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    How to Use Midjourney - AI Text To Image Generator - Beginner's Guide

    Midjourney is a powerful text-to-image AI generator that can create hyper-realistic photos based on simple prompts. This article will guide you through the process of setting up Midjourney on Discord, creating images with text prompts, and exploring more advanced features to enhance your image creation experience.

    To get started, follow these steps:

    1. Sign Up on Discord: Visit and create an account to access the Midjourney server.
    2. Join Midjourney Server: Look for the Midjourney server in the public servers section and join it.
    3. Create a Midjourney Account: Go to, log in, and choose a subscription plan to use the AI image generation service.
    4. Generate Images: Use the Midjourney bot on Discord to enter prompts and receive realistic image creations.

    For more advanced options, you can explore different parameters, styling options, and image versions to tailor your creations. Additionally, the article covers settings adjustments and privacy considerations while using Midjourney.


    • Midjourney
    • AI text-to-image generator
    • Discord
    • Image creation
    • Hyper-realistic photos
    • Subscription plans
    • Parameters
    • Styling options
    • Public vs. private viewing


    1. Can I use Midjourney for free? No, Midjourney requires a subscription plan to access its image generation services. There used to be a free option, but it has been discontinued.

    2. How can I make my image prompts more detailed? To enhance the quality and style of your generated images, provide specific subject details, surroundings, stylization preferences, and media types in your prompts.

    3. Are Midjourney creations public or private? By default, Midjourney creations are visible to other users on the platform. To keep your creations private, you need to upgrade to a plan that offers a private option.

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